Tax Tip - Reasons Why You Should Direct Deposit Your Refund

The IRS estimates that about 86 million taxpayers chose direct deposit to receive their refunds in 2015. Though you still have the option to receive a check, there are several good reasons why direct deposit is your best option:

  • You’ll get your refund faster. By electronically filing your taxes and choosing direct deposit, you’ll get the fastest turnaround on your tax refund.
  • It’s more secure. Identity theft and check fraud are on the rise and paper checks can go awry. Direct deposit sends your refund directly to your account.
  • You have more options. You can opt to have your refund split between up to three checking, savings, and certain retirement, health, and education accounts.

For more information on filing your taxes or speeding up your refund, speak with a qualified tax professional. If you would like a recommendation for a qualified tax professional, don't hesitate to contact our office.

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