The Financial Burden of a College Education

Sending your student off to college is an exciting time. However, it can also bring financial stress into your life. Next to buying a home, a child’s college tuition is probably the largest single expense a family will ever incur. Today’s college education costs range from $12,000 to over $30,000 per year at a state college and $25,000 to over $60,000 at a private college. That can add up to over $300,000 for a four-year education when considering inflation. Not to mention any addition time required to finish if your student decides to switch majors.

Having A Plan Is A Necessity

It cannot be stressed enough to have a plan for your student's a college education. Missing out on crucial financial aid packages or choosing the wrong major nowadays can cost parents tens of thousands of unnecessary dollars. This can potentially put your child in debt for decades after they graduate as well as destroy your retirement savings.

You Don't Have To Worry

Navigating your way through the complicated financial aid maze and college funding process can cost you countless hours of research and frustration. At Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, Ltd., we offer extensive College Planning Programs that were created to not only help save on college tuition, but to give your student a successful future after they graduate. Let us show you how we can take the weight off your shoulders.

Our College Planning Services Include


Strategy Development

Professional financial evaluations to develop custom strategies that can potentially increase the amount of financial aid your student may receive.


Prep & Review

Assistance and review of your applications for college and financial aid are provided to make sure you don't miss out on thousands of dollars in financial aid.


Student Guidance

One-on-one meetings with your student make sure that they are not only on the right track for college, but that they are on a path towards a rewarding career!


Institution Negotiation

Expert negotiations with institutions on your behalf to make sure your student receives the most beneficial financial aid package possible.

And Much More...

How Can We Help?

By determining the best way for your family to pay for college, regardless of the cost, you will ultimately become more financially set for life. This is accomplished by delivering time tested, proven strategies to send your student to college… as well as help you grow more financially secure every single day - without taking unnecessary risks.

We provide students and their families access to an incredible range of resources that address everything from standardized test preparation and the financial aid process to major and career exploration.

Let us design and implement a realistic working college funding plan aimed towards allowing your family to more easily afford to send all children to college - regardless of the cost; and ultimately become financially set for life. Don't rule out your student's college education based on cost alone.

College Planning Testimonials

  • They reduced our EFC by over $10,000 by completing the FAFSA correctly!
    — Arlen and Bonnie G.
  • Initially, the cost of sending three kids to college appeared overwhelming. I am now confident that we can do it!
    — Jack & Lauri L.
  • What’s the catch?” There was no “catch”, just a detailed total plan of lowering our Expected Family Contribution, providing us some tax advantages and staying within the agreed upon budget that we had established.
    — Bob and Gina A.
  • Simply put, they took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money we wouldn’t have otherwise known to be possible.
    — Jim & Katherine O.