Divorce, amicable or not, is life-changing, creating numerous and often far-reaching consequences for both you and your family. Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group has developed a “Divorce Recovery Program,” building on our “Complete Lifestyle Planning” philosophy. Designed to help you recognize and overcome the hurdles and fears related to managing and planning for you and your family’s financial future.

Our program can offer you support and guidance during this distressing time, when your energies need to be focused on healing and helping your family to cope. 

Divorce can make it challenging to think clearly about the myriad of decisions that arise.  As you recover your balance and rebuild your life, you’ll want to surround yourself with trusted friends and family, as well as professionals who can help and support you. Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group will work with you, one-on-one, to secure the day-to-day financial details of your life. By partnering together, we can begin the task of sorting out your financial future and helping you to re-set your internal compass by re-defining your personal and financial goals.

Sometimes people never fully recover from divorce … emotionally, spiritually, or financially. Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group wants to ensure that YOU not only RECOVER from this life-changing event, but that you THRIVE in your new life!  Let’s schedule a private consultation, so together we can set up your personal Recovery Kit which will help support your specific needs over the next few months of your transition.  Our “Divorce Recovery Program Kit” and “Divorce Recovery Program Check List’ are available to you by simply contacting our office.  We look forward to partnering with you on your new journey!

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