Are you a Veteran or spouse of a Veteran? 
You may be entitled to additional Health Care Benefits!

Military benefits can vary from year to year. Many of our Veterans do not take advantage of benefits they are currently entitled to, and some simply give up when trying to unravel the workings between the VA Health Care Benefits and their community. Let Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, Ltd. introduce you to the Veterans Initiative, a program developed specifically to work together with our Veterans and their families to help them understand and obtain the maximum healthcare benefits they are entitled to.

The Veterans Initiative helps Veterans complement their VA Health Care Benefits and extend into the healthcare community with access to doctors and specialists of their own choosing. This would allow Veterans to be able to obtain second medical opinions and medical support - without having to travel far distances. 

Mosaic’s specialized staff is committed to the cause of helping our Veterans with all of their healthcare concerns and questions, as well as assisting with applying for available VA benefits and other healthcare programs. Our goal is to remove all the worries from our Veterans by providing them with correct information and facts regarding the medical benefits available to them. We at the Veterans Initiative find it very rewarding to guide our Veterans through the complicated maze of options between their military benefits, Medicare, and other community health plans.  

My final expenses are completely covered

The VA covers some burial expenses – less than 50%

The VA covers everything for all veterans

Benefits are based on a variety of factors and rarely cover all needs, and not all veterans will qualify.
VA benefits cover my entire family

There are limited benefits available for spouses and dependent children.

The Veterans Initiative offers a variety of Medicare health plans.
Our experienced staff looks forward to helping our Veterans find the plan they need.

For educational information regarding Medicare visit the official websites for Medicare,

The Veterans Initiative is a program sponsored by Advocate Health, LLC., in partnership with Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, Ltd. Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information. Non-health or non-plan information included. This is an advertisement. Call to speak with a licensed insurance agent for complete information, including benefits, costs, eligibility requirements, exclusions and limitations.