Keep Your VA Health Care Benefits...And Get More
WITHOUT Additional Health Plan Premiums

Approximately 1.3 million Veterans under the age of 65 are uninsured. Many Veterans do not take advantage of benefits they are currently entitled to. Let us help you apply to the VA Health Care system. Learn how Medicare and the Affordable Healthcare Act work together with your Veterans Benefits. The Veterans Initiative was developed specifically to work together with our Veterans, their families & friends to help them understand and obtain the maximum healthcare benefits they are entitled to, at no additional costs to them!

Discussion Topics Include

  • How to apply for VA Medical Benefits and the eligibility requirements.
  • How Medicare and the Affordable Healthcare Act works with the VA Health Care system & Veterans Benefits.
  • How Social Security works and how to integrate it with Veterans Benefits.
  • A discussion on “Champs” & “Aid & Attendance” programs.
  • How to apply for an appeal, should services be denied.
  • Issues regarding Agent Orange.

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