Taking control of your finances is a very important step in rebuilding and rebalancing YOUR LIFE.  Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group can help you meet the natural overwhelming feelings you may experience, as you navigate all the decisions relating to your loved one’s life … and death.  Here at Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, we have the expertise to support and guide you, as you assume responsibility for all arenas of YOUR LIFE, including financial details that you may have never dealt with before.  Working one-on-one in partnership with you, we will create a personalized financial “road map” that will address your fears, give direction to your next steps, and build your confidence as you face your new future.

At Mosaic Wealth Strategies Group, we have developed a “Widow Survivorship Program,” anchored in our “Complete Lifestyle Planning” philosophy, which is designed to help you overcome the hurdles and fears related to managing and planning for you and your family’s financial future.  We will work with you to secure the day-to-day financial details of YOUR LIFE, offering support and guidance during this emotional and often disorienting time.  Our “Widow Survivorship Program Checklist” and ‘Widow Survivorship Program Kit” are available to you simply by contacting our office.  We look forward to working together with you to set up the kit and program in order to meet your specific needs over the next few months.  Together … we can begin the task of sorting out your financial future and bringing balance to YOUR LIFE!

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