How to Reduce Income and Estate Taxes on Your IRA, 401(K) and Pension

College Planning Workshops

The College Planning Workshops are open to high school Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Parents! In this workshop you will cover the best strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost efficient basis

Medicare Workshops

At this workshop, you will learn about the Medicare choices that best suit your needs, empowering you to make an educated decision with confidence and simplify your journey through the complex Medicare landscape.

Social Security Workshops

Understanding when and from where you will receive your income is the foundation of a successful retirement. Social Security is a retirement income source with some control and a variety of selections In this workshop you will learn the strategies to MAXIMIZE your Social Security benefits.

Life Insurance Workshops

Most people need it, but few people understand how life insurance really works. This educational workshop is great for all ages from young adults to senior citizens Learn which policy to buy, how to set up your life insurance policy ownership correctly and more.